Tuesday, May 27, 2014

My Moderation?

You probably don’t think about food the way I do. I think about eating the way I do because I have a disease and someone told me this was the first place I needed to start to get well. I eat better so I can live my life. You should have seen me, especially last fall--- that wasn’t living. In my effort to wipe my plate clean and start over- I have read and asked and consulted with so many health care professionals and those that are simply choosing to eat more ‘whole’ that I am literally bursting with information. Yes, that is what I spend some of my time on, reading about food. :) Why do you care? Maybe you do maybe you don’t.

Keep reading if you want.

You feel how you feel. Maybe you have diabetes, or are obese, have migraines, or experience little things everyday that you think you have to deal with because you are aging. There are over a gazillion ways to not feel good. Do I always feel good? Never. Will you age and will your body slow down and hurt? Yup. (Please don’t think I don’t know about cancer or terminal illnesses. I am well acquainted.)

Maybe you are a healthy individual. Maybe you think that where you are at is just fine. That’s awesome, I hope so.

I’ll just say this, wherever you are in your level of health, you can feel even better. You don’t need to believe me, as I have said before, I have *science to back me up. If you are a member of my faith and think that the Word of Wisdom is all about moderation, it is. I have read it front and back and up and down and read just about all the information the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has available. I follow it.

Do I push Whole30? Maybe a little bit, wannna know why? Because it’s simply an education of what happens when you put food in your mouth. When you are armed with that kind of information, it’s just easier to eat better. You know how when you see cigarettes and think ug!?? Remember how revolutionary that was for the world? Does Whole30 tell you to ‘abstain’ from things? Yes, and only so you can knowledgeably eat them as you work them back in. Maybe you are lactose intolerant and have no idea, maybe that drippy nose or throat cough you ‘always have’ can be eliminated. Maybe you don’t care! That’s okay! I just appreciate knowing there is a better way and I can strive to do it.

Whole30 so closely resembles my autoimmune protocol that it’s the info source I can share with you that generalizes eating better and why.

Isn’t this just a fad diet? Nope, it’s the oldest one in the book. It’s just flashier and says ‘do this for 30 days’. It’s this: replace the packaged foods with actual food....and this is why. That’s it.

Will I eat a cupcake again? Yes, but honestly, I care a lot less about cupcakes these days. Does that sound crazy? I actually think its empowering to move from what can’t I eat to what can I eat.

Are you eating healthy? I was, all my life, until someone (professional) told me I wasn’t. It hurt. Then I grew outta that grief and realized I was simply getting the help I needed. Now I eat healthier and I am a lot more capable of dealing with life than I was. I don’t want to spend my time on earth sick, if it’s something that I can help.

“We will live for our appointed life span. However, we can improve both the quality of our service and our well-being by making careful, appropriate choices.”

I love that, we can improve the quality of our service and our well-being. 

It’s so dang true.

Am I moderate? Yes, I sure strive to be.

FOOD AND EMOTIONS are intrinsically connected. Family traditions and social connections are a lot of times centered on/around food.  Cakes on birthdays, ice-creams pints for break-ups, lemonade on a hot day, everything over the holidays and then starving in January. When you feel like your daily food-doings are being challenged, it hurts. I LOVE making my mom's chocolate chip cookies for my husband and kids, in fact, yesterday for my toddlers birthday I gave him a cookie with candles on it. I brought bananas too, but those I had to give away, the cookies were gone. :)

Sometimes just showing up makes all the difference. Changing the way you eat is intense and crazy, but even one thing better today is one step closer. I am serious about this, anything is awesome and if you falter-then so what!? You are getting somewhere! :)

I know I created some buzz about green smoothies. My point was that smoothies have a lot of sugar and--in context--a lot of sugar, even surrounded by vegetables is still a lot of sugar. That was it. :) I bet your green smoothies are way healthier than most.

Okay, the four of you that read this, I’m done. :) 

Kinda...PS Change is hard and scary for most of us, me included. Like for real. 

PPS I love giving food to people...sweet yummy psychologically pleasing food. So yeah, it's hard. My neighbors asked where all the cookies went. 

He turns three this week and loves cookies. I wasn't gonna give him squash.
 I didn't eat one though.

*Science and I mean qualitative and quantitative, true-blue information.


  1. My favorite post yet! And Happy Birthday to Sam. We love you!

    1. Thanks Gramma Ang! That was really kind of you to say!!!!!!!! :) XO

  2. I am proud to be one of your "four" readers. I just love that you are so passionate about real food! You go girl!! Oh and thanks for getting me on a better (still not perfect) path=)

    1. YESSS Hahaha---THANK YOU for letting me word barf about all of this to you. You're always my test audience and I reallly appreciate it.

  3. I really love your enthusiasm. I try to explain a lot of this to people and I just fall short and get those strange looks. So I love that you eloquently explain and encourage. Thanks again!

    1. Layne! Thank you so much, for reals. It helps. I need the support! You're seriously so nice and way more eloquent than me. I can tell. :)

  4. You're right. I don't think about food the way you do. But I'm starting to think about it a little differently because of you. And that is a big deal. Because I love sugar. And carbs. Especially sugar and carbs. But, I'm trying to scale back. Thanks for sharing all your info. You do it because this is your life now and you care about people, too. I love that.

    1. How do you always know what to say. I mean really. Seriously, you are so legit. I love sugar and carbs too, and people. People more. People are cool. :) Especially Brittany people.

  5. I just found your blog through Jamie Lewis and have enjoyed what I've read! I was just diagnosed with hashimotos in February and have been trying to change up my diet to help me start healing. I did the whole 30 in March and could tell a huge difference, although it was very different from the way I've eaten normally. I'm trying to make the change over to doing it full time. I will be following your blog!

    1. Sorry about your diagnosis! How awesome that you completed a whole30! That's courageous. I am so glad it's helped!!! It's amazing huh? Hopefully I can keep this it interesting! Thanks for taking a moment to say hello. :)