Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Here's An Idea!

Don't laugh at my graphic. Okay, you can laugh, but whatevs. :)

Questions I get the most include, what DO you eat and aren't you starving?

Both of those take some time to answer. Today I will share with you my lame plate composition graphic. It may seem rudimentary and simple, it is. When I go to eat, this is how I really try to do it.

I eat protein---some kind of animal protein. About the size of a fist. This includes poultry, fish, red meat and eggs. The rotation of those is constant and I eat more turkey than any of them.

The rest of your plate is vegetables. I include two at everymeal. A lot is prepped before hand or it's frozen and already has a variety in the bag (frozen---meaning just the veggies, no sauces or extra ingredients) and I throw it in a pan on the stove or in the microwavable bag it gloriously came packaged in. (Against microwaves? I'm not. Your choice!).

You must add fat. You need the calories and the flavor. I hit about two tbs per meal...or more...never less, including nuts/paleo mayo/coconut oil/olive oil/avocado/avocado oil/a mixture of a few etc. YOU need the fat to feel FULL too! FAT is your friend. If something is 'low fat' it usually means 'way more sugar added to make up for the flavor'. It's true. Bah.

Fruit is awesome and is Heaven's way of giving us some SWEETness! Yes! Eat some. It's full of carbs and vitamins and minerals that are bio-available for your body to digest and USE---bonus! Just don't only eat fruit. Sooo many consequences, like, well, low blood sugar from crashing and diarrhea to name a few. For reals. Fruit is muy rico. Don't ever eat it by itself though if you can help it! Eat protein/fat with it. SUGAR CRASH AVOIDED! Whew!

I do this for breakfast/lunch/dinner. If you can take a sec and forget about those meals, breakfast/lunch/dinner and the stigmas that come with them you now have three meals a day that are composed the same, but can greatly vary in taste using all the stuff that mother earth has provided us with-which is a TON. It's no longer waffle/lame salad/spaghetti/crap---aka---(sugar/sugar/sugar/sugarysnacks), it's just healthydelish/healthydelish/healthydelish/healthydelishsnacks. Yah? Cool.

Lame graphic. Awesome info. 
*Also, not to scale, that would be crazy hard to do and worry about.

......go to your pantry right now and pour dish soap allover something terrible that you plan on eating today when your sugar craving kicks in and then THROW it away. Eat something else and then brush your teeth, it helps curb the desire for sugar, for realsy.

Anyone do it? What'd you chuck?


PS If you are starving, you are not eating enough. Increase your portions of all the good food you just spent time making. Add more fat. Don't starve. It shuts your life down.

That's a splat egg (slightly runny) over butter lettuce and cauliflower rice with toasted pecans and 1/2 avocado. Coconut aminos for flavor! Mmmm. This was a breakfast. Just an idea. This has become easy to throw together, it wasn't easy the first few weeks, but as I practiced---it got easier. Thank goodness! 
I just overused the word easy, it's easy to do.


  1. Cauliflower rice? Please define ;)

  2. I also have Hashimotos ... and 100# to lose. As soon as I survive packing up a house with a husband working insane hours, 6 kids finishing up a school year and actually moving, I'm jumping on this bandwagon. I'm curious if the book "It Starts with Food" has recommendations for reintroducing some of the foods after the 30 day restart or if you're forever off dairy, beans, etc.

    1. WAHOO! Great to hear! It's not like your busy or anything. :) HA! Good luck! Food introduction is totally a part of it. Sorry about your Hashis, that's lame.